Consumer tech companies are terrible at user security

It should have been the easiest of transactions. I wanted to play old-school Doom on my Switch. So, a quick look at online reviews suggested Doom 64 was the version to grab. And, sitting on my smartphone, I could see this would cost less than $8 – cheaper than coffee and a muffin at the local café when we didn’t see such things as a special treat in the days before COVID.

Do you really need a VPN?

Over the years, many security experts, and more than a few non-experts, have said that a VPN is an essential piece of security software for travellers and the users of remotely-accessed business systems. When I entered the corporate world in the 1990s, remotely accessing office systems without a VPN was considered a massive risk. But is that still the case? What are the cases for and against using a VPN and is there still a place for them?