What was your cheekiest pitch?

Cheeky MonkeyA few years ago, I decided that there was a magazine I really wanted to write for. It was a combination of the subject matter and the prestige of the masthead that drew me. However, it was clear that the editorial team was fairly stable.
After a few months of reading the magazine I noticed that one of the regular contributors was not delivering at the same quality as he had previously. In depth topics lacked analysis and seemed to filled with padding rather than the quality I was used to.
I looked up the editor’s contact details and sent an email stating that I was a freelance writer looking for new opportunities and that I felt that the column I was reading was dropping in quality. The editor responded to my email saying he’d keep me in and. I thanked him.
About a month later the editor contacted me and offered me a three month trial writing the column in question. That was six years ago and I’ve written for every issue of that title ever since.
So – what’s been your cheekiest pitch?