Contracts – copyright, ownership and intellectual property

When you complete a piece of work and deliver it to a client can you re-use it with another client? Or, can the client then use it over and over? Can they on-sell it? Can you resell it to another client? All of these questions have, at their heart, the basic principles of copyright, ownership

Contracts – liability, indemnity and risk management

Who wears the risk if something goes wrong? That’s the subject of today’s instalment on freelance contracts. While we all have the best of intentions, there are times when things can turn out unexpectedly. But before we can look at the issues of liability and indemnity, it’s worth starting with few definitions and basic principles. Disclaimer –

Freelance contracts – a guide

Many of freelancers I talk to are excellent practitioners of their chosen craft. However, when it comes to understanding the obligations and responsibilities for the freelancer and client, there’s lots of confusion. That’s why it’s important to understand a little bit about contracts.
Contracts are an insurance policy. If everything between freelancer and client goes well you’ll never need to look at the contract. However, when you get started the contract is important because it make clear what each party expects from the other. That way, there are no surprises for either party.